Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Fourth

Perhaps my favorite part of our town is celebrating the Fourth of July in it; we have the greatest little parade, filled with patriotism! I love how the whole community comes together and lines the streets. One local veteran raises thousands of dollar each year to hand out American flags to every kid on the parade route. Magical.

Dad's already holding the flags so the kids can grab all the candy that gets thrown off the floats during the parade.
The face of happiness: Benjamin.

A joyful Hunter:

My favorite float? This taxidermy advertisement was over the top awesome.

Love this old car! Great color!
Hunter shows his loot.

Back at home we eat cupcakes! Rainbow Chip frosting and adorable little red pinwheels.

Later, after a nap attempt, we head up to the park for fireworks. We did have to sit in the car and wait out a little bit of rain, but it stopped in time for the show.

Right before bedtime we let the boys breeze through a box of sparklers.

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Misty said...

These pictures have me grinning til my face might break. Hooray for summer!