Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Dog Park

Last week my husband began serving on our city's Park and Recreation City Council. One of the topics at their first meeting was the local Dog Park, an ongoing project the council has been developing. Theo came home and immediately planned for us to take Laura to the park last weekend.
The Dog Park is set up in two sections, a smaller fenced-in square which will eventually hold some play apparatus for dogs, and a larger seperately fenced-in trail with a pond. The kids and Laura loved the trail!

Laura was wiped out!!

We live so close to this park, we will definately be back for more romping soon!

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Jenn Wallace said...

OH MY GOSH my puppy would LOVE it there. I was thinking of "dog park" the way we use the term in Chicago. But that is like Dog heaven! Can't wait to bring Tye up there to play with Laura. xoxoxo see you soon.