Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Almost Old World Wisconsin

So, I'm good at injuring myself. If there were levels, titles of some sort, I'd fall in the "pro" category b/c I always bruise, and damage, but have never broken a bone. I'm also very good at ruining trips to Old World Wisconsin, a living history museum not too far from us that my mom loves. Last time we went there it was about 85 degrees outside, and humid, and I was about 7 months pregnant. I was in hell, trying to walk on the hills, and give-a-crap when all the people reennacting history were talking to me. Bonus, they had killer cookies. But, really, I wanted to go back and take this place in. We picked the coolest day of my mom's trip here, so as to avoid heat stroke flash backs, and have a generally pleasurable experience.

We pulled in the woods, took in the pine scent, and announced how much we love this place. We unloaded, paid, walked through the gift shop, and set about our way, grabbing the first tram, and existing at the first stop. A delightful day seemed before us.
In the entrance area I had noticed a pamphlet about an amatuer photo taking contest that wins you $300. I love this sort of thing, so I had my camera in hand, and I was ready. The very building on the stop is a church. That's about all I could tell you, b/c as soon as the lady tending to the church began talking, I took a quick picture of this chandelier:
Then I moved in for a shot of her in full historical garb, about to play the piano, and clunk. I fell on the step she'd told me watch for only seconds earlier.
This was no average fall. No, we all feared I'd break the ancient church floor for sure. I cleared the building, as everyone scampered in a panic. I swelled up immediately, my knee like a big red and white basketball between my calf and thigh. I tried not to cry, but this one really ouched. Worst of all, I did start to cry when I realized crushed my camera. Yup, number 3 of the nice expensive Kodak cameras died right then and there. I was able to stand up, and walk with pain, but I ended up asking for a wheel chair when I realized how bad the pain was. Odd thing was, just a few yards away from the church I had fallen in an elderly gentlemen fell flat on his face into gravel and larger rocks, off the tram we guessed, and was bleeding up a storm from a broken nose. Not a good day at OWW.
We did get free passes to return after I decided I did not want to try and manuever through this place miserable again. Next time, all the conditions must be just right. I guess. Oh, it's been over a week since my ouchy occured, and I'm still nasty bruised, and numb in the center of my knee. I can't kneel, which has made painting the fence, gardening, and bathing the kiddos a wee-tad unbearable. In my next life, I want to be an athlete with no clumsiness what-so-ever.

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Alyssa Victoria said...

eeehem i would like to be added to your fam and friend's blog list lol

anyway I miss you guys and can't wait till you get here!!!