Monday, July 21, 2008


After a long day filled to the brim with fun we still had fireworks to go and watch!

We planted ourselves in our usual spot on a sports field, and the boys ran about getting all the wiggles out.

Grandma bought these glowing sunglasses at Walmart for the boys.

Grandma kept a stash of fruit snacks in her purse the whole time she was here. It was pretty funny, the boys must have eaten a million of them in a week.

My love and I:

My momma.


There was a band playing on the field in the distance, and the boys must have had a sugar rush, b/c dancing ensued.

Yeah, Hunter was hilarious dancing.

A little girl from the family sitting beside us asked the boys to play. Afterall, they're adorable, and they were having so much fun. How could any girl in her right mind resist?

The lights start to go out for fireworks.

Hunter really enjoyed the fireworks once they were started.

When they were over, he was a little concerned.

Of course, I got some awesome fireworks shots. Hunter actually helped me take a few of these pictures. He loved looking at the fireworks through the LCD screen and was pushing the button himself.

Despite the fact that is took me like 17 days or something to post these pictures, Happy Independance Day everyone!

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