Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Laona Steam Train

One of the coolest thing we did when grandma Anita visited was drive up to Northern WI and visit the Laona Steam Train. We had a very good time riding the train, taking in the sights.

Watching the conductor add the coal.

Riding the train!

When we got off the train we found a petting barn right away. The kids were so excited to feed all the farm animals. We really need a farm!

Hunter was fearless.

My favorite part was not the baby goats humping, but this:

Yeah, sort of fell I love with this ugly old thing.

A model train to climb in.

Ringing a giant bell.

The other end of the place had a big loggin museum. My kind of place, filled with tree knowledge.

I can't remember, but I think Theo is pointing to what was outside of this tree when the Magna Carta was signed.

Ben got to chat with the conductor on the train ride.

The scene behind us when we had out picnic.

Logging relics:
Part of the museum showed us how useful pullys can be. Here, with the help of the pully (and dad, shhh...), Ben lifts 99.9 lbs.
I enjoyed this painting in the museum.
I fell in love with Northern WI on this trip; the farthest north I had been prior to this day was Eau Claire for speech. Today's trip too me to the northwoods, and much further east.

This was the view on one side of the train as we rode:

Theo's ready to put the stinky little one in his carseat.
Here, the conductor lets Ben make the train steam before we leave:

Thanks for finding this cool place, Grandma. Next time we'll have to stay the whole day.


Anonymous said...

I feel a bit like a cougar by saying this, buuuut that conductor is HOT (depending on his age, I might also be a pedofile). :) Stumpf

Jamie said...

Ha! LOL!! You're so funny! I remember him saying he was going away to school next year in Colorado, so he was atleast 18. LOL.