Monday, July 21, 2008

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Years ago my mom went to this faire and enjoyed it so much. She's talked about ever since, and was so excited to see opening day for the faire happened before she went back home.

All of the rides, including some really large ones, were human-run, as in pushed by some really strong people.

There was a pirate ship the kids could play on. They could shoot water from this thing here,

sleep like real pirates,
mop the deck,

and dress up like pirates, too.

Everywhere you looked there were cute cottages, and people dressed up. Some of the people were actors, and some were just patrons like us. You can order these costumes online or from catalogs. I would love to do this after we're empty nesters.

Perhaps the best part for Theo besides all the corsetted breasts was this game where he couls toss tomatos at this guy who's job was to insult you. He was very funny, but didn't pick on Theo too bad.

Everywhere you turned there were things to do.
She was perhaps my favorite actress there. She was part of the whorehouse, I think, and she was shouting cruel things to everyone. She's was so cool.

This ride was a little too big for Hunter. All the mommy bones in me were on full alert. He did okay though.
Parades and marchs just sort of occured all around you. Here, the Queen rides in.
This was a "show" going on to demonstrate how the upper class ate. Look at these costumes!

This guy was cool! Dressed in fur & he called me mama.
These were his boots:
Theo may or may not have fallen in love with these gypsies. The whole day he kept saying I needed to get an outfit like the Renaissance women, more with the corset and the tie up front, but when he saw the gypsies dance he said I needed a gypsie outfit instead. LOL!
Even the food was cool & themed. Theo had a giant turkey leg, and my mom and I had a spinach calzone, served with grapes for the kids, with Sassparilla.

My mom may or may not have falleb in love with this guy, as she gripped my arm and told me to take his picture and to try and get his eyes in it. LOL.

A random puppet guy, a street performer.

Found this charming garden behind a confection store.

A treasure hunt for Ben before the day was over:
A truly amazing day, but very expensive. I would totally go back, dress up, drink, and play all day! What a cool day! Thanks mom!

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