Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I said "No Fish!"

We're walking around the fair and we see one of those tables of fish bowls with the ping pong balls. You know what I'm talking about. I said to Theo, "No Fish!" I need another live thing depending on me like a need another hole in my teeth. So, as Ben and I were enjoying Randy Travis, soaking up the smooth crooning of this deep voice, dad took restless Hunter for a walk.

The story goes like this: Hunter walked past the basketball game and the attendant said, "let him shoot for free, for fun!" Of course, Hunter makes a basket on the first try, and the lady has to give him a prize, an nice little football. Dad's so pleased his son's a stud, he can't help but let him throw ping pong balls at the fish bowls, right? How did he know Hunter would make 2 of them, and wind up bringing home two fish, which Ben promptly named "Open & Closed" when we piled into the truck. Okay.

Feeding time.

Open was the little orange one; he's since been passed onto fish heaven through the toilet. The boys seemed pretty unphased by this process.

However, yesterday, the boys were playing outside and found this toad in the clubhouse. They played with it all day, and left it in a bucket before going inside. Heat indexes yesterday reached 95, so you know where this is going... we found little toad here fully dehydrated, and dead in this bucket by the afternoon. I put Toady in the fire pit (better choice than the compost pile, but in hind sight maybe I should have given him a proper buriel, huh?) I told Ben he'd go to Toad heaven, right next to fish heaven, and he says to me, "But, mom, how is he going to get there unless we flush him down the toilet?" LOL. He'll find his way, Ben. RIP: Toady and Open.

Happy to report Closed is fine, and I cleaned his tank this morning, again. Sigh.

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