Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pool Time!

These boys love their new pool! It's large enough that they can have all their toys and not bump into one another. (Amd large enough for mom to float in when they nap, if need be, LOL!)

Hunter is fearless, and knowing dips his head close to the water. I had to put the floaties on his arms to keep him from sinking. LOL. I can't leave the poolside, so I pulled up a chair, and soaked my feet.

Hunter tried on the goggles, too. Adorable.
Happy summer everyone!


Alyssa Victoria Benavidez said...

OOHHHHH I want to swim!!!

Anonymous said...

What is up McCoy? It's been over a week since your last post. You're REALLY slacking, chick-a-dee. :) Stumpf