Monday, June 2, 2008

New Little Tabby Cat!

Last July when my mom and brother visited we went to Northwind Perennial Farm, just 45 minutes southeast of us in Burlington, WI, to browse gardens and buy plants. The barn there is filled to the brim with garden trinkets galore, but also barn cats. Delightfully friendly, adorable barn cats. My mom found one that looked just like her little Sammy Cat, or Samantha, at home in California. She picked it up, and we all admired her, and then we continued shopping. In this blog post from last year I posted a picture of my mom with the Samantha look-alike.

I visited the farm this spring and found the Samantha look-alike right away, as friendly as ever, and cute, still, too.

This last Sunday we searched for a way to enjoy the incredible weather. I thought a drive to the farm would be fun. The kids could play with the goats, cats, and chickens, and I could browse the garden. When we got there I walked around the sun garden for the first time; we found some frogs mating, and the chickens had babies. The goats showed off and fought for us a little. I wandered off into the barn to find the Sammy Cat look-alike, and as I was taking her picture to show my mom how much she had grown, I was told, "Oh, there's kittens, too!" You know where this is going...

I went around the corner to find a farm trough full of 10 babies. Sammy cat look-alike had her own litter. And wouldn't you know, she made one little girl who looked just like her (along with some orange toms, and some gray and white fluffy ones, too). All adorable. I was standing there petting kittens with a 6-year-oldish boy; his mom had gone to get the farm owner to talk about adopting one. I broke into the conversation, "How much do you want for adoopting one?" "If you really want one, they're free to a good home."

So here, she is: Our Tabatha.

I totally need to vacuum, so ignore that part...

Theo wanted to name her Scooter Libby. Oddly, I like "Scooter" and I like "Libby." Cute, but she's a Tabatha. The six-year old took home one of the dark orange ones. Here are Tabatha's brothers and sisters.

And here's her momma and possibly dad, I didn't ask, but they were cuddling. Unless her momma's a hussy...

This place is awesome, and if you want to see more pictures you can visit my garden blog, as always. The link is on the right hand side of this blog.
I know, I know, what the hell I am thinking, getting another baby in the house to take care of? Cats get so easy as they age. After I get her potty trained, she's a breeze. In fact, she already pooped in her litter box this morning! Cats don't chew, don't need to be let out a dozen times a day, don't require baths. Cats just need love, dry food, water, more love, and I have a lot of that to give. The boys love her. I can barely get Hunter to put her down! Here Hunter and mommy treat kittens like royalty, and put her in the Little People castle.

Laura and lil' kittens are getting along swimmingly, minus when Laura gets too excited and barks, causing Tabatha to hiss the smallest hiss I have ever seen. LOL. Tough girl.

Toby on the other hand is avoiding Tabatha, and spent the day in our room bitterly pouting. He'll get over it, and move into to check her out in no time. I'm sure.

So expect a lot of kitten photos coming soon. They grow so fast!

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