Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Old Time Ice Cream

Theo and I have been diligently dieting for over 2 weeks now. Theo's added a rigorous workout routine at work, and it pushing himself to condition for a class he has coming up. I've done well, also, and feel sufficiently nourished and motivated. On Saturday night Theo wanted ice cream. We didn't deny ourselves the summer treat, but rather skipped the extra heavy indulgence and went for some soft serve. In one of our local towns there is an original Frosty Freeze still in tact, and priced to kill- $4.25 for all 4 of us to have ice cream. Not bad! And mmmm delicious, too!

Dad loves cones, but Ben and Hunter got bowls. We just could not handle the mess!
In the end, Hunter tried dad's cone and liked it so much, he took it from him.

Ben was not going to waste a drop.
The result was a great ice cream mustache.
Happy almost summer everyone!

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