Saturday, June 14, 2008

Random happenings with the boys...

The boys continue to get along better each day. Sure they still hit, compete, shout, and fight over things... but sometimes they play like this:

Or this, where they lay side by side and watch a movie:

I could not resist getting a huge seedless watermelong to ring in summer. The boys loved it! We all sat by their little table outside and indugled in half of a whole watermelon together.

Here, the boys are making Father's Day cards for Daddy.

Theo has been spending more time teaching the boys sports. Here, the boys take what Dad taught them and make their own game of basketball.

Happy Father's Day everyone!


Misty said...

Seedless?!? Heresy!!! How will Theo teach them the time-honored tradition of competitive seed spitting? :) Classy, I know...

Anonymous said...


I love the watermelon pictures! I can just see the summer layout now! That and the kitty layout from the earlier post. Great job girlie.

Will we see you in August when Dana is in town?