Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A few pics of the boys & cats...

Little kittens Tabatha has warmed up to Toby finally! She was soaking in the sun when Toby approached her and affectionately nuzzled her a little bit.

The boys were playing outside last week when Ben decided he would give Hunter a ride in the wagon. Hunter usually does not let this happen, but he seems to have grown to trust his brother. Ben, of course, had to wear his goggles. LOL?

Hunter is in his new booster car seat now. He's still having trouble with car sickness, so the doctor told us to put him in the middle of the back seat so he can see the road in front of him. I guess it helped a little, but he did get sick at least one time this last week.

Thursday we went to Boerner Botanical Garden in Milwaukee. The boys and dad walked around while I looked at all of the amazing flowers. You can check the garden blog to see all the garden goodness.

More pictures to come soon. Me-Maw (grandma Angie, Theo's mom) was here all weekend, and we had tons of fun!

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