Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Update: 30 things to do before I am 30.

There's no way to prevent it. Age 30 is lurking toward me at lightening speed, and I need to get to work on my list here. I finished the list recently, and have made some great progress on some of the facets of list. On the other hand, I have not touched some of the items on the list at all. Here's the list:

1. Learn to knit.
2. Embroider more/refine skills.
3. Reintroduce myself to my sewing machine.
4. Visit Solvang, CA.
5. Figure out how to make Abelskivers (Danish pancakes) rise in the pan correctly.
6. Make Pulla more (Finnish bread).
7. Learn more about photoshop (get Photoshop for Dummies used online)
8. Go to church, (with Brian and his family).
9. See my friends in Chicago, in Chicago.
10. Attend more flea markets.
11. Find a nice primitive hutch for my collection of china and crystal.
12. Read, "Tickle his Pickle."
13. Write poetry, essay, more writing.
14. Start a savings account (as a family).
15. Try 30 different Reislings. This would be hard, but maybe I can do 15, one a month?
16. Try 30 different chocolates. Now that I can do.
17. Visit the Chicago Botanical Garden and the Milwaukee Boerner Botanical Gardens.
18. Have David Austin roses. Start a serious rose garden.
19. Lose 65 lbs.
20. Stop biting my cuticles. Keep my nails painted nicely.
21. Cook for my family.
22. Wear purfume everyday.
23. Wax my face weekly.
24. Explore at least some of Northern Wisconsin, and the local national parks.
25. Educate myself about roses by reading and researching.
26. Photograph in the mountains in Colorado.
27. Identify all the plants in my garden, catalog them.
28. Start a scrapbook about my life. Contribute to it often.
29. Conquer my fear of spiders.
30. Paint my picket fence white.

Here's my status:
1. No knitting yet. I plan on this for the winter b/c Theo will be leaving and I'll be housebound.
2. I bought a book, and some tools, but no embroidering has occured yet.
3. I did some sewing this spring, but more for function than fun.
4. We're visiting California in August and Solvang will be visited for sure.
5. I will take out the abelskiver pan for Father's Day. No guarantee it'll work. I'll try again when my mom visits in July. Practice makes perfect.
6. I'll make Pulla after we get paid on Friday. It's finally warm enough! I can't get it to rise in the winter time.
7. Good progress on Photoshop. No book yet. This week maybe.
8. Ben went to church. LOL. Theo wants to start going, too.
9. Went to Chicago in March. Going again this fall for a Bear's Game.
10. It's now flea season. I've not been to one yet b/c Theo's had to work on the weekends I could go. I've been going to antique malls whenever I can, though.
11. I have found a few, but none in our price range.
12. Been reading, practicing. LOL.
13. I had poetry thoughts yesterday. None written down. Been writing that Garden Blog, which is sufficient to fufill this one.
14. Savings coming soon.
15. Had a oldie but a goodie, Bonny Doon about a week ago. I have one chilling right now.
16. I had some unique chocolates in Monroe, WI recently. Julie gave us a box of Brazilian chocolate last week, too. They were different, and I really enjoyed them. I have not been keeping track though.
17. Soon.
18. I now have 60 roses in my garden. 5 are Austin roses.
19. 5 lbs gone, 60 more to go. I suck at this right now, but I'm working on it.
20. Haven't been biting the cuticles at all! Painted my nails 3 times in the last week!
21. Really sucking at this lately. Theo's been doing it more than me. But when I do, it is good. The garden is coming along, so we should be adding more from out there soon.
22. Today I smell like Pleasures.
23. No beard today.
24. Plans to explore this July.
25. Reading Miracle Gro Complete Guide to Roses.
26. Plans to drive through Colorado in August. I will be rallying for a stop.
27. All the tags are int he drawer beside me. I'm working on it.
28. One page in the scrapbook so far; it's about snow when I was in 6th grade. Lots more to come.
29. Now, when I find them in the dirt, I stay put, and let them crawl away. I can actually dig in the same apot moments later. Good progress on this one!
30. I plan on getting paint this week. It should take me awhile!

Cheers, everyone!

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