Friday, October 3, 2008

The Road Trip Home

I'm finally posting the last pictures from our vacation to California. We left on a Sunday morning, before the sun came up. Here's Jason's truck in our rearview mirror, somewhere on a California or Nevada highway.

Numerous shots on our scenic drive:



The Colorado River runs right along the side of the highway. It's so beautiful! I've loved this drive each time we've made it.

The boys went most of the morning sleeping, but after lunch time they were excited to have their toys taken out!

I wonder if this is where those No Name Steaks come from?

Many tunnels throughout the Rocky's.


The sun began setting as we entered the Rocky's in Colorado.

As we climbed there was more and more snow. I was leaning out the window taking these pictures, and the temperature kept dropping and dropping. As the light lessened, my shots became more blurry, too.

One last shot before nightfall. Surrounded by snow, and ready to rest.
We stayed in a nice little hotel at the top of the mountains.
Hunter was so sleepy when we woke up and began driving again. Theo had removed his diaper and he was back asleep before he could get a new one on.
The sunrise in Denver.


And, surprisingly I did not take out the camera again until the moon rose over northwestern Illinois the same day. Pretty, huh?
Hope you enjoyed our journey. I have so much to update about our lives here at home, so much more blogging to come.

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