Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pool Party at the Power's House

After a nice Friday night gathering to celebrate Jason's goodbye, we headed to my Uncle Dennis & Aunt Hannele's pool for one last gathering. The boys had a great time playing with cousins Jenny and Julie, and Dad & Aunt Hannele in the water. I hd a good time pruning Hannele's roses, too. :)

Jason had to leave early to go to Alyssa's family goodbye party. Before he left we took some more pictures. Here's Grandpa and Jason.

A family shot:

Aww.. love from Julie.

Grandma and Grandpa, relaxing.

Theo and Uncle Dennis grilling, and drinkin'.

Here's Julie with the kids again. :)

Love from Jenny.

Sisters, my mom and Hannele in the kitchen.

Grandma is so little, this is cute.

Grandpa being Grandpa.

Grandma being Grandma.


My love & I.

Thanks for having us over, Power's family. We had a very good time!!!

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