Friday, October 3, 2008

Ben's First Day of School!

Ben started preschool this fall. In fact, he started only a week after we got back from California. His teacher came and visited us at our home to give us a schedule, and tell us all about school. The most important thing she told us about was the Jesus Box. The first day of school all the kids were to share their Jesus Box with each other. She brought a sample box covered in wrapping paper, colored Bible images, and stickers. Ben received the coloring book Bible images, and we found a box in our basement. I covered the box in plain wrapping paper. One afternoon we colored in all the images, and glued them to the box. I also found a bag of foamies in Biblical themes at Walmart, and we tacked those all over the box, too. The kids are to store all of their school projects from the year in the box. Genious, if you ask me, so we parents do not have various craft projects all around the house, vulnerable to the cats, dog, and baby brother. LOL.

Here's Ben on his very first morning of school. Uncle Jason watched Hunter while I dropped Ben off, so I didn't have to wrangle Hunter the whole time.

Here are Ben's cubbies at school.
And here's Ben's awesome teacher.
There were no problems with Ben going to school. I wasn't worried about it one bit, and had no trouble leaving him there. He didn't care one bit that I was leaving. At some point in the first week he did describe the whole day, saying something like, "Mom, are you going to take me to school and take me inside and then go back to the car and go Walmart, and then come back and get me there?" Yup. About that simple. He loves his friends already, loves the lessons he's learning about counting, coloring, the Bible, and much more.

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Amy G said...

I can't believe Ben is old enough to go to school!! He looks so adorable:)