Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Visit at Me Maw's Place

When we were in Peoria, Angie had everyone over to see us and celebrate Theo's belated birthday. It as nice to see the family, and we had a long evening of laughing, eating, and chatting.

Celebrating Theo's birthday with a cake.

Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jack
Lorrie, Cathy and friend, Sherry, (I think, I may have her name wrong).
Cousins Courtney and Theo.
Angie and her baby boys.
The gals, Courtney, Angie, me and Alanda.
Cousin Courtney is so good with the boys!
Uncle "Trash" (how Ben used to pronounce 'Travis') with Ben and Hunter cuddle on the couch. The boys love Travis.
Uncle Trash and Benjamin.
Angie, Theo and me.

Angie and her boys, Travis and Theo.

Travis and Theo
Courtney helped calm down the sugar-loaded boys.
They all fell asleep on the couch eventually.
Thanks, Angie, for a wonderful day. It was so nice to see you all!!!

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