Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to the Lodge

After our nice dinner, romp on the beach, and stroll through town, we headed up to the lodge for the night. Last time we were here, on our honeymoon, I was sick by nightfall. We went to the lodge bar and they served me up some strong alcohol to sooth my throat, like a brandy or something. I don't remember much about it. This time, we were wide awake, and had wine to enjoy.

The pines:

This is the front desk/main lobby, and restaurant.

The front porch.

Walking into our room.

I wanted a picture of us in the room, but I had drank quite a bit of wine. This is what I did, took a picture of the room with me in it, in the mirror. Laugh with me, I look pretty silly. Why am I standing like that?

We took our wine glasses, full to the brim, and went and walked around the lodge gardens.

We sat a long spell in the secret garden. Remember? With the door?

Pines. Sunset.

It was cold enough for a fire in the fireplace. :)

More about our morning back in Solvang coming.

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