Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An outting, and more hanging out.

On day two we made our way to the local mall. On the way there, in the family bus, Nana Cindy sang Bear in Big Blue House songs to Hunter. He was enthralled.

We ate lunch at the food court. Ben and Aidan sat together. I delightfully consumed a "Cheese on a Stick" from 'Hot Dog on a Stick."
The carousel is right by the food court, so we had to ride. The boys all had a very good time.

Caitlin and Theo show us their mugs. I love this picture.

We went to a few stores, and Ben would hardly let Aidan go. He literally held on to him; simply holding his hand was not enough.
Killing time while mommy had a tummy ache in the Macy's bathroom.

Back the Botica B & B... love.

Much more to come...

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Alyssa Victoria said...

aww i love that picture with you and theo [2nd to last]

i think you should frame it :]