Friday, September 5, 2008

Solvang! Los Olivos!

We headed into Solvang just after we fed the Ostrichs and Emus. Before we went for more Abelskivers at the same restaurant as yesterday we had some nice bicyclists take this picture of us in front of the bakery where we found those buttercreams I blogged about.

This time I remembered to take a picture of the Abelskivers before I inhaled them.
Here it looks like I'm comparing them to my breast size, but I'm not intentionally doing that. LOL. But hey, you do get a good idea of their size. The pancakes, not my boobs.

Not long after breakfast. Perhaps immediately afterward, (shhh...) we started wine tasting. We went to a few places, some of which we visited on our honeymoon. I think we went to 3 different tasting rooms, but to be honest, it's a blur.
This cracked me up! In a lot of the tasting rooms that they had these set ups for the kiddies. LOL!

Here, you can see we were a little toasted. The wine was awesome. My favorite place was Royal Oaks. Tasted two of the very best wines I have ever tasted (I bought one), and I will be joining their wine club this fall. We tasted there on our honeymoon, and I loved it then, too. 6 years now, and I still remember their Reisling.
The gentleman at Royal Oaks told us we would get half off tasting at Lucas and Lewellen if we went there the same day, so off we went. Funny thing was we were already so warmed up we walked right past it while looking for it. This guy here had us laughing so hard that I thought we'd float to the ceiling ala Mary Poppins. He was sincerely one of the funniest men I have ever met. He made our whole trip for us!
After we sobered up enough to drive we went to the neighboring town of Los Olivos for lunch at one of my favorite places. Good thing I took a picture of it, because I didn't even remember what we ordered by the time we got home. This brie was so delicious!!!
This would have been better without the aioli (sp?).
And I want you to tell me... did I eat lunch next to Woody Allen? He came in, asked if anyone was sitting in the single stool beside us. He was reading papers, scripts for a film school class. I cuaght a quick look at the title page on one of the packets. He ordered his food on seperate plates, so it would not touch. He said very little, but even in my drunken state, I thought he looked familiar. I took this picture when I was browsing their wine selection. What do you think? I should add, outside we did see a limo-type car and a driver waiting.

Here are a few pictures from our trip back to San Pedro.

I was in a state of sheer bliss on the drive home, I thought I'd share.

Thanks, mom, for watching the kiddos and letting Theo and I forget we're full time parents for a brief 2 days! Theo, I enjoyed our time so much!!! I love you!

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