Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Million Pictures From A Day At The Beach

Perhaps the best time we had on our vacation was our time at the beach. The weather was perfect, the boys were well rested, and we just relaxed, just the 4 of us. We stopped and got sandwiches at Busy Bee, our very favorite place to eat sandwiches, and then we drove along the coast, past the chapel where we were married, and to the beach.
When we arrived, we got a good parking spot, and marched down the hill.
First things first, sand castles.

Dad had to show them where to get the water to wet their sand.

A perfect beach day.

Of course, we had to bury each other in the sand.

Now, time to play in the water.

They warmed right up to the ocean.

You have to forgive me, I love each of these pictures so much!

Ben was like a fish, he was so happy to be in the waves.

Love this shot:

He's excited the waves are coming.

Of course, I LOVE this shot!
Just a wave shot:

I like this one below, too:

Hunter got tossed around a little bit in the water, so he and I went and played on dry land for a little bit.

I love the sand in his hair.

A great day!!

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