Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our day in Cambria

On our honeymoon we didn't get too much time to explore, so this time we strolled, and enjoyed. We started out walking up and down the main road in town. I found this jasmine vine growing on a building. This is my very favorite flower, hands down. The pink blooms are intoxicating. I have one here in WI (I faithfully overwinter it in my dining room) and it hasn't bloomed since 2003 when I bought it. I keep it just in case. :) I was in heaven when I found this vine all over town.

We ate lunch at a little pizza place. I had to go to the bathroom so bad, so we didn't take our time picking. It was a decent place I got a goat cheese and sun dried tomato personal pizza. Theo had some sandwich with beef I think?
And, of course, my first glass of wine for the trip. I picked some jasmine and carried it with me all day.
The town has tons of garden shops. I was in heaven.

And wine tasting at Fermentations, the same place we tasted at on our honeymoon. I bought a bottle to drink back at the hotel room. I don't even remember what wine it was?
We headed back up the hill to our lodge-like room and unloaded. I got in some comfy jeans (the high was only 65 or so, so I was cold!). We stayed in the room right beside this on our honeymoon. Isn't that cool? I set the camera on a chair and hit the timer to get this shot.

Of to dinner and a walk on the beach...

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