Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We've been to Nevada dozens of times. Dozens of parts of Nevada, too. When we lived in southern California we used to drive to Vegas and Laughlin, and driving back and forth from the midwest we've passed through north and southern Nevada over and over. This time, like others, I really enjoyed Nevada, really found it beautiful. We pulled into our motel in the evening, once again opting for a Motel 6. We ran to get me some nail polish remover, and bunked down for the night. We left before the sun was up in the morning, but after we fueled up and grabbed coffee the sun had started to come up. I thought this picture would neat to show much we paid for a room to sleep in, especially as the boys grow up and look back on our trip.

The sunrise only got better.

This wash of color is so amazing to me, I actually had Theo pull over so I could get a nice still shot. On the side of the road in this same area we saw a wealthy (dressed to impress) old rancher watching his ranch hands gather some cattle that had gone stray. No picks, but a very neat thing to see.
The boys were sleepy in the car. Ben sucks his thumb when he gets sleepy still.
Hunter caught site of me watching him in the rear view mirror.
He pretended to suck his thumb like brother, LOL.
Aw... kisses.

We weren't done in Nevada yet...

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