Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cambria Pines Lodge

After breakfast we headed to Cambria, the town we were staying in for the night. The hills between Solvang and Cambria are beautiful, and skim the ocean. It was still very foggy out.

The fog began to clear and we found the vineyards.

When we arrived at Cambria Pines Lodge the rooms weren't ready. We walked around the place a little and stumbled into their gardens. Last time we were here, we didn't get out in the gardens b/c it was the last week of December (not a lot too exciting in the garden that time of year). I was so excited to find fresh giant roses, colors, textures, and tons of places to sit. We just walked through quickly and reminisced about the second night of our honeymoon when we stayed here in 2002.

Here I am in the rose garden.

We loved the secret garden. Theo loved the fact that there was a door, and the whole room was walled with these hedges. I loved the plants in here, and the fountains, but you'll have to check the garden blog later this week to see all about that.
Inside the secret garden.
Theo in one of the gardens. This was one of the first time he was able to engage the plants with me, ask questions, smell things. Normally he chases the kids, or watches them in the car or at home as I dwell in a garden.

This was a garden room: clever, and so gorgeous.
Me with variegated Agave.
Hydrangea and one of the many gates.
Happiness begins to set in as we realize our freedom!

More to come...

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