Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I must apologize. I know my grandparents are anxiously awaiting pictures from our vacation, and I have not been posting lately. I have not been blogging b/c I'm still catching up from our vacation. Our house is still dishevelled, the cleaning seems to never be done, the garden needs me, and frankly, sitting idle on the computer does not rank high on my list lately. I've had the organization bug, overhauling the basement, my office, the kids room, my closet. I intend to post these pictures gradually between tasks today... and tomorrow. Go with me.
The lovely Salt Lake City:
Salt Lake. I can't help but wonder if it's uninhabitable? No sign of life, no houses with views? I have to look this up...
Ah, the salt flats, and hour of driving through nothing but white dust. Straight.
Here's my disdain for the salt flats.
On to Nevada, which was decidedly more beautiful than it's ever been to me.

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