Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese, of course.

Auntie Caitlin and Nana Cindy took us, but mostly the boys, to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch on Friday. The boys ran around like madmen, and won tons of tickets. Here are Ben and Aidan with Nana Cindy before leaving.

Theo looks frightened to have been left with all three boys for a few minutes, especially with large wooden skee balls...

Hunter loved this bee game. You had to get the bee ping pong balls into the red hole by using the ladel. He did really well, and scored big time tickets.

Of course, he found Barney!
Lifting your feet must make the ride more fun?
Hunter the ticket collector. He actually was great at some of the games, and did win a bunch of these tickets. Dad helped, too, but Caitlin and I are a bit good at Skee Ball, so we helped a lot, as well.

Hunter actually crashed a birthday party in order to get to meet Chuck E.
Dad rallies the troops.
Aidan plays a game.

Thanks so much, ladies, for a fabulous trip to Chuck E. Cheese!!

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