Thursday, September 25, 2008

Goodbye Party in San Pedro

On the last Friday night of our trip to California my mom had a going away party for my brother and Alyssa. The whole family came over to eat and play. We had a great time. Here, my mom and grandma and I walked around the garden talking about roses and other plants.

I met Alyssa's mom for the first time, spraking a great friendship. She's a very cool lady. :)
Grandpa and Jason:

The whole party:

Hunter played in his water table:
Theo shows off his now-grown in chops. :)

Jason, my handsome brother:

More Hunter Joe; he's posing for Uncle Jason's camera phone:

Grandpa looking stern.
Play time in the sandbox. Brandy walks by:
Party goodness.

Jason loves his grandma. Doesn't she tak stunning pictures? Still so beautiful.
The view from mom's patio, almost at dusk.

Cousin Julie love.
Devil child.
Aw... Grandma sports my hoodie, and loves her little Jason.
Theo and the view.
Ha! Grandpa is wearing my hoodie, too. LOL. Isn't this funny?

The beautiful couple about to journey off into the next chapter of their lives.

Momma and her baby boy.
Inside, the sugar and possibly alcohol, kick in. Mayhem ensues. Cousin Julie is attacked.
Brandy coaxes grandma into play time.
The boys go wild!
Aww... grandma is going to miss Jason so much!
Julie is so good with the little guys.
Here Jason and Alyssa posing with their goodbye cake.
I swear, I'm almost done posting pictures from the vacation. LOL. One more day, and the drive home coming.

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