Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Ass Birds.

We slept until we woke up, with no specfic timed plans in mind. We went to the breakfast buffet that came with our room, grabbed some decent coffee and a muffin for me on the main road in Cambria, and headed down the coast again. It was foggy, and cool. So nice.

This was most we paid for gas our whole trip.

I did drag Theo to this place on the side of the road between Buellton and Solvang.

On one of our visits to Solvang we stopped at this crazy Ostrich farm and fed the critters. They are pretty funny. Back then, the place had no walls, smaller fences. These birds were PEE_-OUR-PANTS funny, taking one bite of food, and then one bite of Theo's arm, repeating as necessary. The establishment must have had trouble with people gettting hurt or something (Theo came away with bruises for sure last time) because this time around we had to pay an entry fee, and a fee to feed them. But, it was still worth it. They're some funny animals.

Then we headed into Solvang.

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