Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Greatest Gift: A Second Honeymoon

Its no secret Theo will be sent to Afghanistan this winter, in January. Our 6th anniversary is this December 27th, but we'll be unable to celebrate at that time, with the holidays and his getting ready to leave. I begged my mom to watch the kids on night and two days while we were in California, so Theo and I could have a rare night sans kids. Thank you, mommy!!

We left at around 5am Sunday morning for Solvang, Ca. We arrived in the Solvang area around sunrise; it was foggy and so serene. Already enjoyable.

This is the B & B where we spent the first night of our honeymoon. We drove around town before our breakfast place opened up. We decided not to stay here again b/c it was too expensive, and also, booked. :)

We wanted to have Danish food for breakfast the first day; I wanted Abelskivers, Danish yeast pancake balls served with raspberry preserves, and Theo was excited to have Danish sausage and cheese. They weren't quite open yet, so we walked around a bit.

Just around the corner I found this heavenly garden, with my all time favorite rose, Eden. I've never seen Eden in person, so this was a special moment for me. This garden, outside a small business, was perfectly the style I wish to emmulate, barrelling over with contrasting colors and textures. Perfectly cottage.

A self-portrait of my man and his chops.

Breakfast was so good we forgot to photograph it.
We walked next door to a bakery to get some goodies for the road. This unassuming buttercreams came with us on our journey to Cambria, our final destination for the day. I didn't eat mine until about 10pm that night, and it's a good thing, b/c if I had eaten it any earlier I would have gone back for about 10 more. Incredible!
More to come...

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