Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still not there yet.

We're not McDonald's people. But when you're in the middle of Wyoming and you need a place for kids to run around, fast, McDonald's will do.

Afterward, we found we accomplished our goal. The boys were pooped out. We brought out the portable TV for the first time in the trip. We try not to use the TV the whole trip b/c it's way too boring for Theo and I to just listen to kids shows we can't even see. But, come day two late afternoon the boys were pretty restless. They totally zoned watching TV.
On our road trip last year we saw parts of these windmills being moved as "oversized loads." It took us hours and hours to figure out in the world these things were. Now we can see where many of them were placed.
A pretty train.
I scrapbooked in the car. I had to do something for hours and hours.

Meanwhile we watch Wyoming gradually turning into Utah.

Pretty, and yet, we're still not there yet.

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