Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On our way to Utah...

The goal was to make it to Nevada by night fall. In far western Nebraska we made a potty break in a rather desolate area. Across the street I found this parking lot filled with old vehicles. I thought it looked like something out of Ben's "Car's" movie.

Theo joked we should take this plane and we'd be done with this trip. Haha.
Can't drive through Nebraska without seeing tons of corn.

Southern Wyoming isn't all that different than Nebraska, for the most part, but there are a few special things you see signifying terrain changing. Here, you can see some large rock mountains.
The hills in Wyoming have large snow fences running along them. You can see the Rockies in the distance also.

On the I-70 you do pass through a little bit of mountains; the change of scenery is refreshing, and I love pines, so I always get excited. In these mountains we saw some real cowboy's rounding up their cows. The dust was flying up from the ground, and they were swinging a lasso. I could not have been more excited to see these folks on the side of the road, right there, in real life, but I did not get to the camera in time to share it with you.
More pictures of the Rocky Mountains truck on towards Utah.
Wyoming has a huge population of antelope. Theo and I, the nature buffs we are, love seeing these creatures roaming out in the middle of no-where. This one seems to have spotted me:
More to come...

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