Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My favorite little place to eat cheese related foods.

In an effort to document everything (lol) I brought the camera into my favorite restaurant in New Glarus, WI. We went to eat one cool afternoon in mid-November for lunch. When I get a hankering for their grilled swiss sandwich, or fondue, or curds, or just their peppercorn ranch dressing, which isn't even made there, I have Theo take us there. Yum, yum, yum...

Ben has a friend there, the waitress. Last time he was there he told her, "Don't forget my name!" This time, once she noticed him, she was so excited. She told me that just earlier this week she was thinking about Ben, and telling herself, "I better not forget that cute little guy." The host/barkeep, possibly the owner guy likes the kids, too. He remembers them also. He lets them listen to the animated deer head on the wall.

And later, on the way home, dad gives Hunter cheetoes... why, I'll never know.
I wish Theo was off today so we could go there again...

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