Friday, December 5, 2008

Uncle's J's Birthday

About a month ago we celebrated this handsome guy's 20th birthday. I'm just getting around to posting the pictures now. :)

This pretty girl came up for Halloween, and to give her man a few presents, too.

She loves Jason enough to endure constant harassment from this dude, which says a lot.

Yipee. Jason can kick higher than any man his size should be able to. LOL.

Jason's bad ass sister made this bad ass cake, the 1981 California State Fair winning recipe, for carrot cake.

And, I'm tooting my own horn, but the cake was incredible, and so was the frosting. I'm that good.

We sang, and smiled, and laughed...

Yes, that's a tea light in the center of the cake. I'm terrible at remembering candles for cakes. lol.

And we ate cake.

Happy Birthday bro. I love you!

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