Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

We waited until late in the afternoon on Halloween to carve pumpkins; Alyssa and I were shopping in the morning, and I wanted to wait until the boys were done napping to begin. Despite out late start, and rushed job, the jacks all turned out good, and the kids enjoyed themselves.

I take my carving seriously. I really enjoy carving a pumpkin, and I'm pretty good with the knife. However, I usually take hours and hours the night before Halloween to carve, so this rushed situation was frustrating for me. Just the same, I cranked out two good quickies. :)
Alyssa and Theo pulled the goo out of the pumpkins.
Dad helped the kids carve this white pumpkin:
Hunter is such a ham.
The boys' pumpkin:
Alyssa's pumpkin:
My cat in a cemetary pumpkin:
My witch pumpkin:
There were some amazing pumpkin designs on our trick-or-treating journey I wanted to share. One house in town always does these giant pumpkin creations. I have never been able to go to this house on Halloween, as we've never actually taken the kids trick-or-treating beyond our immediate neighborhood. I have to say, these jacks were darn cool. They do this one every year:
This guy might be making his second appearance:
This is definately a newer one:
Too cool, or two cool:
This was their newest pumpkin idea... a tree was taken down this year at the front of their lot, and they put this guy in it's place. Hilarious.
Hope you nejoyed our small town jack-o-lantern display... more to come with the kids' costumes and our trick-or treating journey.

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