Friday, December 19, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend.

During our after Thanksgiving shopping Alyssa and I found matching pajamas we had to have. We came home, and decorated the Christmas tree with glittery goodness.

TaDa! And it's not even half way done.

Theo and Hunter napped in the chair.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving Theo and Jason went to Minnesota to see the Bear's play the Vikings. The game turned into an all-out slaughter, but these two still had a good time. They said Hester was even faster in real life. And Alyssa loved that the boys dressed like twins:
Really though, once we pointed out that they were twins, the let us take a picture, and Theo promptly changed his jacket. Ha!
That same week I was so excited to open up an issue of Better Homes and Gardens and find a recipe for Chai Spice Girls, "move over gingerbread men". I know Alyssa loves Chai spice, and so does Theo, so this recipe went from the page to reality pretty quickly in our house. Alyssa and I promptly went out to get a gingerbread girl shaped cookie cutter (Michaels had one). Alyssa made the dough, and the boys and I helped her make the cookies.
Alyssa found these adorable Elf aprons fro $3 at Kmart when we were out shopping the sales. How cute are these?

Much more to come, as always.

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