Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Diaper vacuumer, and more adventures...

You all know how much Hunter loves his vacuum. Here are some snapshots of him intensely vacuuming with me just before Thanksgiving. He's very serious, and doesn't miss a spot, nor lose interest as we go for hours sometimes.

He's ruthless, even vacuuming up mom.

uncle Jason got new all-weather tires last month. They were just left like this on the front porch, so I lifted them inside the door. the kids immediately put them to good use as a house.
On a completely unrelated play note: The boys like to stuff all their blankets and couch pillows in between the sofa and the shelf, and makes a little spot for them.
Here's Hunter with his babies. He made them a bed on the floor in the living room. So cute.
Ben loves to dress up. he put on all of my winter gear, shoes and all, one afternoon.
Hunter had to join in, too, only he was using his own hats at first.
Then he switched to dad and brother's hats with mom's gloves.
The week before Thanksgiving Hunter was the first to come down with a terrible stimach flu. He passed out on the chair in the middle of the living room like this, as the flu was waning.
Here's our little sicko later, awake, barely.
More Thanksgiving, and other things to come soon.

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