Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November Gingerbread Houses

Ben's class made Gingerbread houses just before Thanksgiving. The kids were sent home with the freshy made houses, to eat. I actually had the chance to watch Ben putting his together, as the classroom door was cracked open, and he ate a lot more than what made it onto the houses. Ha!

Here's Ben in his Gingerbread chef hat, made in class, with his creation:
Hunter's excited Ben's going to share.
Here it is before they ate too much:

You can see Hunter's little hand in this shot taking more pieces off...
And here is the little ham himself.

I love how they just frosting-glued the graham crackers onto the empty milk cartons. Cute idea.
Hunter was not going to miss a chance to wear the hat for a second.
Of course, we let Laura lick a bit of frosting off the milk cart.

I'm excited to make some gingerbread houses of our own this holiday season.

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