Thursday, December 11, 2008

Walk in the Woods...

The same week still... early November, we took a walk in the woods by our house. We brought Laura Jane, our dog. It was snowing as we walked, but very lightly. It's funny how our bodies adapt over time, adjusting to the temperatures. This cool day was comfortable for us.

Oak leaves.

One of the lakes in the woods.

Moss is my very favorite color.
Scarf and boots weather.
I see the river through the trees.
Staking an ambush on mom.

Ben jumps out to get me early.
I am here to live outloud.

H-man loved the woods, and walked all along, by himself, without a single gripe for the hour or more we were out here. He's definately going to make a good hunter someday.
Ben loved it out in the woods at first, but then quickly began to complain about having to keep walking. He's never had endurance. He's athletic, just not for great length of time. Perhaps he'll be a sprinter like his dad was?

Could our baby girl be any happier? She loves this place!
Hunter marching along next to dad, while I follow practically dragging Ben. Hunter even kept pace on foot beside Dad. Adorable.

Pine on the forest floor, my favorite.

You can see snow on my lens here.
Hope you enjoyed our walk. I'm almst caught up here.... lol!

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