Friday, November 16, 2012

Whoa, time is flying...

I stand by my complete misunderstanding of mom's who work full time. I have been knitting 12-17 hour days- commiting to maximizing the ONLY time of year people will actually want to buy knit scarves, and knowing come February I'll have time to do everything else that needs to be done. But my house? Holy cow.  Despite my husband (who also works more than full time) taking drastic measures to pick up a few extra households chores every day, it still looks like a giant mess bomb went off in here. We've managed to keep my work shop (dining room) and living room (where I do most of my knitting) clean, and if you only looked at the bathroom every 3 days or so, you might think we weren't slobs, but forget the rest of the house. I have been living out of the bag I packed for a trip we took over a week ago, and I have 3 baskets of clean laundry folded, but not put away where I can get the rest of my clothes. Insanity. The dust layer is massive, and the kids rooms? Yikes.
Nevertheless, Halloween was pretty great. We were in town for the harvest festival at the kids' school. Last year we missed it. They had so much fun.

Trick or treating was also awesome. We let Hunter grow out his hair so he could look more like Annakin. He wasn't entirely pleased with my styling, but in the end, he was happy.

How is Thanksgiving less than a week away?? Ah!

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