Thursday, April 26, 2007

Look Grandma, He Does Eat!

There has been much debate over Ben's eating habits between Grandma Anita and I. She suggests I "fatten him up," and threatens to send more "Oreo snack stix," like the one's featured in previous posts. Ben tends to ignore dinner altogether. Sometimes we can't even get him to sit down for a half-a-second. He often goes to bed with no mention of food, ignoring dinner and not requesting anything at all. At first, I took it personally. I must cook awful? But, sometimes he won't even eat "Old Donald's Chi-Chi" (Old MacDonald-McDonald's Chicken McNuggets). That makes him un-American right? Nope. He just doesn't eat in the evening. It's his thing.

Yesterday he was distracted during the afternoon, and did not eat the snack I gave him. When I presented him with spaghetti for dinner, he sat happily in the chair, picked up his fork, and began shoveling the grub into his mouth. Who are you, and where did you hide Ben? When he asked for seconds I was so happy I clapped for him! Here is evidence that he eats, and that he plays rough like a boy-check out those arms bruises? I will never get used to having boys... they are way too rowdy. Bruises creep me out, imagine when one of the boys' has his first broken bone... ICK!

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