Monday, April 30, 2007

Fishin' With Dad

Bound for adventure, we set out to take Ben fishing this weekend. As we were leaving a neighbor gave us a tip for a good spot. Aside from the fact that WI has more lakes than any other state (even Minnesota, the land of lakes), we also live near the Rock River. Waterfront is ample. We found a quiet spot a few towns over, just along the river. Dad and Ben sat on the shore fishing. Ben's sporting a harness b/c he cannot be controlled. He did a surprisingly good job of listening to Dad, and casting his pole--he even hit dad with it a few times. Next time, Ben sits to the right of Dad, OK? I shot a million pictures. Theo has been an avid fisherman his whole life, so taking Ben out was a big moment for father and son. We didn't plan on catching anything... and didn't, but fishing was a blast & learning experience for Ben.

Meanwhile, Hunter and I white-trashed it in the bed of the truck, which acts rather well as a giant playpen. We munched on sandwiches, cheese slices and animal crackers for Hunter. Only 9 cars passed by while we were there. So serene.

Don't worry, little Hunter Joe, your time to fish will come soon enough.

When the sun became too warm, Hunter and I went piling into the truck cab, where he commenced playing with all the tiny buttons the dashboard presented.

The trip ended with Dad and Ben joining us in the truck, and indulging in Cheetoes. Little slice of paradise, for sure.

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Leena said...

I love the shot of Hunter looking at Theo and always take the best pictures, Jamie! And the picture of Hunter in the cab totally looked like Ben. He's getting so big!
I should be woring on homework and an essay, but your blog is like my treat of the day! Thanks for helping me procrastinate!