Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ben's Garden

So, last week I went overboard and planted more seeds. I can't help it. It's addicting. I had to try some new stuff. I stuck them in any container I could find. I know it's late for starting seeds "indoors" but I don't care if they are ready to put in the ground now, or later (like late June/early July). I know they'll thrive. Most of them are perrenials anyway. I certainly do not have the money to go out and buy perrenials... so seeds it is.
Well, with all these tempting pots of dirt Ben could barely contain himself. He wants to touch the dirt, water it. He did help me pick out the plants at the stores. He picked the verbena, marigolds, and the violas all by himself. As he stomped in puddles and ran amuck, he brought me flowers to "buy." "How bout' this one, mom?" he says. At home, he helps bring all the plants out every morning, and he helps me water them. Yesterday he "watered" them with sand from his sandbox. He put sand in his mini-watering can and sprinkled it on everything. I decided it was time for Ben to have his own seeds. We grabbed an empty vessel from my potting bench and a few packets of seeds. Now Ben has his own Marigold & Bee Balm seeds planted. He poked the holes in the dirt, and buried the seeds all by himself. Can't wait to see his face when they sprout & later when he gets to dig in the dirt and plant them. Good thing we have those Tyrone gardening gloves.

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