Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fillin' Up Containers

I couldn't help it. I had to start some of my containers. I know I'll have to trudge them in and out overnight for weeks to come, but I don't mind. It's worth it to have flowers all around me when I'm outside. No investment plants here, just buck fifty 4 packs, and a few $3 must-haves. Thanks, mommy for some gardening money! I put in mostly somewhat cool-weather-friendly annuals. I am excited about a few of the finds, particularly this one:

The center of kitchen window box this year will be a plant by Proven Winners called 'Charmed Wine' Oxalis. This plant was a "Country Living Gardener Editor's Choice," and I can see why. It's a PARTIAL SHADE TO SHADE plant! Yipee. I could put one on my porch if I wanted to... and Amy could put one on her deck, too! It makes these lovely little white flowers on top of this deep violet butterfly-shaped foliage.
My little Oxalis will be the centerpiece in this kitchen window box beside some yellow pansies, blue speckled petunias, blue lobelia, red vinca, and white nemesia. This window gets bright indirect light all day, but only about 3 hours of direct sun. No real shade, though. It's been an interesting spot for me. I have found plants that need sun do well here, almost better than on the full-direct-sun side of the house. I guess the indirect sunlight is less taxing on the plant? I don't know.
I also found this other Oxalis:
This variety of oxalis, by Proven Selections, is called 'Zinfindel" and it prefers full sun to partial shade, according to the tag. Love, love, love the deep burgandy & yellow colors here. I paired it with a tropical foliage 'croton' houseplant.
The following containers will go by the firepit seating area (a full-partial sun area):
The pot above features verbena, violas, red nicotiana, and PW 'Lemon Symphony' Osteospermum. The container below has a fern I dug up, verbena, viola, and a 'Lime' nicotiana, which I am pretty darn excited about.

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