Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Daily Dose of Hunter

We have not been doing anything interesting the last few days, so all I have to share are a few images of Hunter being his adorable delicious little baby-self around the house. When Ben naps I put on his Baby Einstein movies. Yes, they are indeed creepy sometimes, but he loves them.

He's so smart. Right now he's really piecing things together. The other night when Ben and I were cleaning up mega-blocks Hunter walked over and put blocks in the basket with us. How cute is that? Hunter's favorite toy right now, besides his socks, is this train whistle. Ben, mom and dad can all blow into this thing and make the coolest sound. Hunter tries so hard, but can't quite make it toot. I fake it for him. He loves it! He'll bring it to me, and hand it to me as if to ask me to blow it. Then he'll take turns, and try himself.
He is walking strong now. He can go up and down the stair to the kitchen. He can stand up in the middle of the room. He can clap and walk at the same time. He can drink from his sippy cup and walk at the same time, too. He'll bend over and pick things up and keep walking. He looks like a tiny little man. I love it.
Here's a shot of his adorable little smile, looking up at me a few days ago. He has a bruise on his cheek. His first real bruise. He hurt it the other day, I didn't figure out on what... but I think it was in his bed. He was overtired, and flailing, too exhausted to stand. Then, the next day he bumped his cheek in the same spot, this time on the bench in the dining room. Poor thing. Still too adorable, though.

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