Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spectacular Spring Snow

Mother Nature dropped about 5 inches of snow on our neighborhood yesterday. Because it was in the 30's the snow was wet, fluffy, and sticky. Plus, the wind blew the snow sideways causing flakes to stick to everything. I mean everything. You could not see the stop sign on our corner. Most of the branches and powerlines had thin strips of fluffy powder coating them. I could not resist running outside to snap a few images to share with you. My favorite shot is the snow on top of the fresh baby green leaves on our front yard willow trees (I'm pretty sure they are willows, I spent half the day yesterday researching them... the variety is still uncertain, but I narrowed it down to willows). The tulips poking up are pretty cool, too. This snow should melt by tomorrow, and I anticipate next week we'll have that big "Ah-Ha" day when seemingly overnight green will sprout from every crevice in the yard. Love the change of seasons. I'm such a nerd!

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