Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Taking my time

For awhile there I was rushing through my scrapbook pages. I don't know why? I have since reminded myself that I am not in any rush. I have no deadlines to meet. I enjoy the process of creating the page so much, so I should really try and enjoy it more. Absorb it. It's a gift to have time to create art. I need to embrace that. Appreciate it. These pages reflect a little of that sentiment. I have had some fun with new shapes, new combinations, and I've been "working" my stash, utilizing my stamps, paints, and shape cutters. Yesterday I spent every "free" second I had on one page. Here is a picture of the process, as well as the completed project:

The day beforeyesterday, I spent all day (AKA: the free moments in between my real life) on another single page, "Baby's First Bundle Up." Also included are some pages from late night last weekend. Most of these photos fall chronologically around last September, early October, when Theo returned home from Iraq.

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