Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just some images of my boys playing last night after bathtime:

"Ben cuddle with da-ddy" requires blankets from the "fofa" trudged all the way into the kitchen. Of course then "all the people" have to come, too (i.e. Clue, Frosty the Snowman, Puppy, Ickey Mouse, and his Blankie).

He put this hat on all by himself and stood up. How cute! (Note: he's wearing the Heffner Jammies).

Cracks us up how he tips the sippy cup all the way up to get every last drop.

Are you sure we can't go out in the snow, mom?

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Harrison's Homepage said...

Jamie: I so hope you entered the Martha Stewart scrapbooking contest. Check out her website for entry info-- she's picking a winner every week starting May 7th-- winners get a camera, a printer and a Michael's gift certificiate, as well as their work on Martha's show/site!!