Sunday, April 15, 2007

our afternoon

When we got home from the Rotary Garden's we went outside and worked on the yard. I planted two new roses, "Climbing Blaze" and "Mr. Lincoln," both red (yesterday I planted a climbing Don Juan, both climbers are on the back two arbors). I buy the cheapy roses, $2.99 or even $1.49, but they usually grow very well. I could not resist a pack of blue pansies. I think they'll live outside overnight now. Pansies are supposedly pretty hardy, but I have never bough them before? Only Violas, no pansies until now.

Theo burned the pile of brush and branches, and we pulled some stuff out of the shed, including the red wagon. It was so nice to be outside. Ben helped me plant some seeds/tubers. We bought him some Backyardigans "Tyrone" gardening gloves on Saturday. He put them in the trunk of his John Deere all by himself. So cute. I planted 3 elelphants ears which I'll grow in the kitchen for about 3 more weeks, and then will transplant to the three large containers I have. I also planted 3 giant yellow dahlias, and more of the Pinks and Lupine seeds. I have all the seeds/tubers in pots, which I put in the red wagon, and I will haul them outside all day everyday and move them back in each evening until overnight temps are in the upper 40's. Easy, when you have a wagon. I ran out of room in our bedroom windows, (they are the only windows in the house that get sun, and do not have kid-access).

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