Thursday, April 5, 2007

Ben's Castle

A little interview with Ben this morning:

What do you want the Easter Bunny to bring you? Toys's
What is your favorite color? Crayons
What is your favorite TV Show? Elmo. Elmo? Yeah! Ben likes Castles.
What is your favorite thing to eat? Food. What kind? Pumpkin. Ben eat Pumpkin.
Where do you live? In a truck. I go in a truck.
What is your favorite song? Elmo's Song
Can you sing it? Nope.
What is your favorite thing to do? Tools.
What do you like to do with tools? I hammering. I hammering this.
How old are you? 3 I'm 3. (smiling. He's only 2.)
What are you building? Castle. I make a castle momma.
What kind of castle are you building? Room.
Where is the castle? (Smiles. Points).
What is your doggy's name? Puppy. Doggy says woof woof.
What is your kitty's name? Kitty says Meow.
Who lives in your castle? Pirates.
What do they do there? Go sleep.
Where is daddy? Daddy's working.
Where does Daddy work? (no answer, engrossed in building castle). I make all the rooms, Momma.

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Amy said...

Just wanted to say hi and let you know I enjoy reading the blog every day. The boys are just too funny. Give Ben and Hunter big hugs for me... and glad to hear that Theo hasn't had had any set-backs. I really liked reading your thoughts on the "guided dream" idea... makes me think.