Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tid Bit of Goodness

Actively multi-tasking, eating pita and hummus, playing Play-doh with Ben and reading a Family Circle article, I came across something I had to share. So simple. A marriage-be-happy article, "You can decide, 'Do I need to be right, or do I need to be happy?' When you decide to be happy, there's a sense of humility and grace that develops, and that's part of the art of love." Essentially, the article argues your way isn't the only way of doing stuff and appreciating your partner's way of doing things equates to happiness. I LOVE this concept. Love as an art. I totally have these moments when Theo and I are discussing issues, and my internal voice clicks, and I say to myself, "I don't need to be right. It just isn't that important to be right." Or, and this may shock some of you who know me, "I'm not right. Theo's right. Let him know how right he is." I love thinking of this internal give and take as an art.

The article goes on to suggest making a list of pros in your life. Don't need to do this. I have a running list in my head daily, starting with the basics always, then leading to those things that are special like the gift of being with kids each day, the ability to read, the creating art. But, I do like idea of a refresher on those things I love about my husband. Good chance to embarass him on the blog, right? Yup. The article say, "When you say your appreciation out loud, you get more out of it." Hell, yeah.

I love that Theo calls me a dozen times a day, and usually starts out by saying , "I miss you." When he was in Iraq he called daily, sometimes twice. I love that Theo has fun names for me, like "woo-mee" and "chicken." I love when he does his goofy impression of me, "Noodle, rub my shoulders. Nooooodle... ." (My nickname for him. Yes, we're dorks). I love how he cuddles me. I love what the cards he buys say. I love the way he looks in flannel. I like the sound of him shaving in the background when I drink my morning coffee. I love watching him interact with the kids. Love how much he loves our dog. Love how he gets how important rhetoric is to me (a few weeks ago he decided he had done some thinking, and I am his prettiest girl. Not the dog.). Love how he makes me laugh so hard. Love when do our hillbilly voices about each other, and giggle. Love being a little white trash with him. Love how he laughs when I have chocolate in my cleavage. LOL. Love when him and the boys dance together and shake the house. Love how he comes home and reads my blog. Love how each day feels incomplete until he is home from work. Love how we consult each other about everything (i.e. today he called to tell me he'll new army underwear and towels for a class in July. That's it.). Love how he gets excited about everything, like a kid on Christmas morning, only about a funny joke he heard at work. Love how interested in my life he's capable of acting (i.e. one day he said, you didn't tell me your seeds were doing so well, I noticed this morning. You always tell me things like that.) I just love my husband. I could seriously go on for hours here, but the kids sort of need me.

This little excercise made me excited for him to get home from work. So I can further examine how many things I love about him.

Oh. And because all blogs are better with pictures, here is one I took of him last night. We were playing tricks on the kids, and laughing. Like adult kids. This is his sneaky face. I love that, too.

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